Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

Our mission is to give back to the community by teaching our children how to become successful, independent thinkers by encouraging them to pursue visions and accomplish goals as they aspire to become tomorrow’s leaders: Leaders inspired to share a vision.

Our Philosophy

We believe that each child develops socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically at different developmental rates that are sequential and continuous during the natural growth process.  We, therefore, value and respect individual differences among children and families.  We believe children need to be in a secure, risk free, and challenging environment.  They need to be provided with a variety of activities and opportunities to learn at their own pace through active involvement with materials, their peers, and adults.  We further believe early childhood education should be a cooperative joint venture between home and school with community collaboration in the process.  Our caregivers receive annual training on licensing rules and regulations ensuring that our children will continuously be in a safe, secure environment

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