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Help & Tips

1. Always have an active anti-virus solution, but only 1.
2. Avoid file sharing sites, they are rife with junk, also it's illegal and immoral.. But if you must, scan files with an Anti-Virus(right click on it for the option) before use.
3. Run SuperAntiSpyware weekly, Malware Bytes monthly.
4. Have a backup plan, external hard drive or USB stick, and stick to it..
5. Don't open email from senders unknown.
6. Don't reply to email from senders unknown.
7. Ignore emails claiming your bank account is canceled, delete promptly. Also, there is nobody on this planet looking for you to give you money, don't respond to any emails saying otherwise.
8. Make sure that there is an "s" after http when putting private information on the web. There will be a lock at the bottom of the browser window also.
9. If your internet isn't working, turn off all computers, unplug the routers for 2 minutes, plug back in, then restart any computers.
10. If the steps in 9 do not help, call your provider:
* Cincinnati Bell- 513-379-HELP(4357)
* Time Warner- 513-489-BEEP(2337)
11. Unplug your computer when the forecast is for heavy storms. Unplug the network and/or phone line from the PC, as well.
12. Don't click on pop ups. Either hit the "x" to cancel or hold the CTRL and "w" keys(if that fails use ATL + F4).
13. Always run Microsoft and anti-virus updates when prompted.
14. Buy a warranty with a new laptop(iPods ,too).
15. Avoid Norton and McAfee products at all costs, trust us.
16. Use the right mouse button to bring up more options.
17. Keyboard shortcuts: (for most programs)
* Copy=CTRL and "C"
* Cut=CTRL and "X"
* Paste=CTRL and "V"
* Undo=CTRL and "Z"
* Redo=CTRL and "Y"
* Save=CTRL and "S"
* Open=CTRL and "O"
* Print=CTRL and "P"
* Find=CTRL and "F"
* Save as=CTRL + Shift and "S"
* Select all=CTRL and "A"
* Close Window=CTRL and "W"
* Close program=ALT and F4(function key at top)
* Close program(alternate)=CTRL and "Q"
* Restart PC= Windows key, then "U", then "R"
* PC Standby=Windows key, then "U", then "S"
* Shutdown PC=Windows key, then "U", then "U"
18. If you get a message saying your machine is infected, ignore it. Close using the methods shown above and run Malware Bytes or whatever you use to combat spyware, then run a full scan with your anti-virus.
19. If all else fails, call us, 513-825-4111.